Education and Empowerment

This team targets all stakeholders in the Environment movement i.e Duty Bearers, Rights holders, Capital holders and other stake holders eg Media. To Build their capacity on Business and Human Rights Issues.

The program also targets  school children  and the youth. Through youth groups, colleges, universities,secondary schools and primary  schools.

The tools employed include:-

  • Setting up Environmental Clubs. The clubs are motivated to be active and are empowered on the environment; climate change and human rights .Activities like tree planting and tree gifting are encouraged.
  • The youn members are made environment scouts.(Tree gifting is the practice where the teams are encouraged to give  a tree seedling to parents of new born within their villages and communities). Through the ancient cultural practice reforestation and environmental mentorship is encouraged.
  • Environmental Health and Outreach Raising environmental awareness among the communities including school children through that helps raise a new generation which respects the environment. The same program also covers education, capacity building and
  • Empowerment of the vulnarable communities.


A human rights based approach to Environment protection is a collective effort requiring strong leadership and strict laws.

Even in the surge of Industrialisation “Take Over” in Kenya. CJGEA believes that, for sustainable development to be achieved, environment monitoring, protection, conservation and governance must never be compromised. Communities must be alert to the danger of environmental impunity and be empowered to stand against:-

  • Pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Land degradation

Monitoring of industry. Eflluent and flu gases that pollute the the soil, vegetation, oceans, lakes and other water bodies are monitored. This is imparative since Environmental violations often impact directly on the fundamental rights of communities. Rights to a clean and healthy environment, socio-economic Rights, rights to the highest attainable standards of health as guaranteed by the Kenyan constitution.

Rights hoders are educated while the capital holders and duty bearers monitor to protect the rights of communities. Under this programme CJGEA employs:-

  • Campaigns for the environment and human rights.
  • pettitions
  • lobbying
  • picketing
  • advocacy
  • highliting human rights and environmntal violations to push for quick urgent sollutions.

Strategic litigation

This team works with communities to identify areas where Environment and human rights have been violated and seeks judicial redress through local and international instruments in partnerhip with the communities.

The tools employed include :-

  • Class Act public Litigatigation. CJGEA empowers the community by connecting them to legal council, since most communities remain economically marginalized.
  • Scientific research and proof of environment and human rights violations. CJGEA also works with legal partners to represent communities.

Climate Change and Environment Governance

This programme aim’s  the use of  environmental governance systems already in place within government to push for solutions to the environment challenges. Here structural gaps in implimentation and legislation are identified for advocacy.

We build the capacities of communities to understand climate change and adaptation, the environment and Human rights. Communities are empowered to identify and monitor enemies of the environment i.e polllution, deforestation e.t.c and how to cub pollution and poisoning. The most vulnerable of humanity remains the most dependant on the environmnt and remains the most affected by climate change.


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